A Unique Rear Z Drive Axle for Novociti

CASE Study #2

Rigid Front Suspension (Deep Drop Type) and Rear Drive Axle (Z Drive)
for Novociti Life


The case analyzed BRIST’s contribution to Isuzu’s Novociti Life. Scope of supply included both front and rear axles. Both front and rear axles were a new development. In front, we developed a rigid deep drop suspension. In rear, we developed a unique Z Drive Axle.

Anadolu ISUZU is one of the leading bus and coach manufacturing companies in Europe. Its export activities cover 26 countries in three continents, which are subject to the European Union regulations.

Design Challenges

In this project, there were 2 big challenges.

First challenge was to develop a unique Z Drive product which had only launched by a competitor many years ago, but could not achieve any market success due to numerous quality problems experienced in field.

Second challenge was the time plan. The time frame given to BRIST for market launch was only 8 months, which is easily considered as “very aggressive”.

Our Solution

Lowered bevel gear coefficient, lowered noise level, increased torque level and cooling performance and serviceability were some of the key features that we provided to Isuzu.

With its unique input angle (35 degree); BRIST Rear Z Drive Axle enabled Isuzu to shorten rear overhang and achieve a more effective bus layout.

Since the market launch in 2017, BRIST Z Drive has been performing way better than competitor products and the product hasn’t raised any single quality problem from the field so far.

Our Added Value to Isuzu

The unique layout provides increased seat capacity and optimized weight. Furthermore, the Customer also achieved lowest floor level while increasing the torque level by %12 to similar products average.

With Novo Citi Life, Isuzu gained a great market share in Turkish market, as well as they broke the export record of Turkey with 16.9 million Euro in midi-bus segment.

Vehicle & Products

Rigid Front Suspension and Rear Drive Axle BRIST Rigid and Z Drive Axles

Inside layout view of Isuzu Novociti Life Inside layout view of Isuzu Novociti Life