Independent e-Drive Suspension

  • BRIST offers market disruption opportunity with its special independent drive axle solutions!
  • Unlike the global players offering e-axle options on heavy rigid beams, BRIST is building its e-drive portfolio on independent suspension.
  • Being light in system and unsprung weight, offering a wide free central space and reducing time to market via modularity are key advantages of BRIST.
  • Compared to its best competitor e-axle product, taking the advantage of independent suspension, BRIST offers minimum 10% lighter system weight.
  • Same BRIST independent suspension can be used as:
    • Drive or non-drive,
    • Steerable or non-steerable,
    • Central drive or corner drive.
  • The modular structure reduces time to market of a new electric vehicle family, while reducing the complexity between various version of a vehicle family.
  • BRIST independent e-drive suspension are not preferred by bus segment only, but also fitting very well to electric van and electric truck applications.
  • Moreover, BRIST partners many disruptive electric vehicle projects across the globe (e.g. Arrival, BYD, Bluebus, CRRC ZELC Europe, Bristol Superlight and many more)
TypeAxle Load Max
Wheel Steering
Angle Max
Wheel Travel
Tire SizeSystem Weight*
Diff. RatioHub Reduction
Independent Drive AxleIDS BJ 30-1603,00038° / 48°± 80R16.0″18212.5:1 or 18.5:1N/A
Independent Drive AxleIDS TJ 45-1754,50037.8° / 47.9°± 90235/75 R17.5″37512.5:1 or 18.5:1N/A
Independent Drive AxleIDS TJC 120-225 HR12,00035°± 80445/65 R22.5”7301.33:1

*excluding oil, loose suspension items, electric motors, inverters and ECU, which can vary upon customer specifications.

IDS BJ 30-160Independent Drive Axle
Axle Load Max3.000 kgf
Wheel Steering Angle Max38° / 48°
Wheel Travel± 80 mm
Tire SizeR16.0”
System Weight182 kg
Diff. Ratio12.5:1 or 18.5:1
Hub Reduction RatioN/A
IDS TJ 45-175Independent Drive Axle
Axle Load Max4.500 kgf
Wheel Steering Angle Max37.8° / 47.9°
Wheel Travel± 90 mm
Tire Size235/75 R17.5″
System Weight375 kg
Diff. Ratio12.5:1 or 18.5:1
Hub Reduction RatioN/A
IDS TJC 120-225 HRIndependent Drive Axle with Hub Reduction
Axle Load Max12,000 kgf
Wheel Steering Angle Max35°
Wheel Travel± 80 mm
Tire Size445/65 R22.5”
Axle Weight730 kg
Diff. Ratio1.33:1 or 1.50:1
Hub Reduction Ratio4.00:1