Independent Suspension

  • BRIST Axle offers a big variety of independent suspensions including drive and non-drive versions.
  • BRIST independent suspensions have been running on the field over 15+ years with best-in-class buses, coaches and trucks of well-known manufacturers across the globe (e.g. BYD, CRRC, Bluebus, Isuzu, BMC and many more)
  • BRIST independent suspensions are light and compact and hence, a very good fit for electric bus and electric trucks.

 Independent Front Suspension
 Independent e-Drive Suspension

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Which one to select: Independent or Rigid?

The commercial vehicle industry is increasingly switching from rigid suspension to independent suspension. Main reasons behind this trend are that independent suspensions offer more flexibility in packaging, lower weight and hence; energy saving, as well as opportunity to build modularity throughout the vehicle family. However, despite the strong rise of independent axles, case-by-case rigid suspension may better fit to the need. In that sense, BRIST tried to summarize a basic guideline on which type to select: Independent or Rigid?

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