Independent Front Suspension (IFS)


  • Independent suspension is the core expertise area of BRIST.
  • Having a proven track record over 20 years in the field and various global patents on hand, BRIST offers a wide range of independent suspensions both in drive & non-drive use. 
  • BRIST Axle is the only company in world offering FULL RANGE of independent front suspension (IFS) for all the 16.0″, 17.5″, 19.5″ and 22.5″ rim sizes.
  • BRIST IFS is modular while offering different options in brake (air, hydraulic or electric brake), in steering (electronic or mechanical steering) and in suspension (air, coil or hydropneumatics suspension).
  • As known, independent front suspension technology is the latest axle technology. It has been widely preffered by buses and now increasingly demanded by electric trucks. Compared to a rigid front suspension, an independent front suspension offers improved roll stability, better comfort at ride & handling; , lower weight and wider aisle corridor.
  • Various types of BRIST IFS has proven its performance through the vehicles of its well-known customers across the globe. (e.g. Hyundai, Alexander Dennis, Arrival, Isuzu, Otokar, and many more)
 TypeAxle Load Max
Typical Vehicle Length
Tire Size MaxWheel CutWheel Travel
Axle Weight*
Wheel Size
Independent Front Suspension 16.0IDS BJ 30-1603,0004 to 7235/65 R16.0″ask for further info± 8013016.0″x6.0″
Bolt Circle 130
Independent Front Suspension 17.5IFS TJC 45-1754,5006 to 8235/75 R17.5″54°/42.5°± 8027817.5″x6.75″
Bolt Circle 205
Independent Front Suspension 19.5IFS TJC 55-1955,5007 to 9265/70 R19.5″55°/44°± 9038019.5″x7.5″
Bolt Circle 275
Independent Front Suspension 19.5IFS TJ 58-2255,8008 to 10275/70 R22.5″55°/45°± 9046922.5″x7.5″
Bolt Circle 335
Independent Suspension 22.5IFS TJC 80-2258,00010 to 18315/70 R22.5″55°/49°± 9046022.5″x9″
Bolt Circle 335
High Capacity Independent Suspension 22.5IS TJC 120-22512,00010 to 32445/65 R22.5″ask for further info± 8057222.5″x13″
Bolt Circle 335

*excluding loose items being out of basic scope of supply, which can vary upon customer specifications.

IFS BJ 30-160Independent Front Suspension 16.0
Axle Load Max3,000 kgf
Typical Vehicle Length4 to 7 m
Tire Size Max235/65 R16.0″
Wheel Cutask for further info
Wheel Travel± 80 mm
Axle Weight130 kg
Wheel Size16.0″x6.0″
Bolt Circle 130 mm
IFS TJC 45-175Independent Front Suspension 17.5
Axle Load Max4,500 kgf
Typical Vehicle Length6 to 8 m
Tire Size Max235/75 R17.5″
Wheel Cut54°/42.5°
Wheel Travel± 80 mm
Axle Weight278 kg
Wheel Size17.5″x6.75″
Bolt Circle 205 mm
IFS TJC 55-195Independent Front Suspension 19.5
Axle Load Max5,500 kgf
Typical Vehicle Length7 to 9 m
Tire Size Max265/70 R19.5″
Wheel Cut55°/44°
Wheel Travel± 90 mm
Axle Weight380 kg
IFS TJ 58-225Independent Front Suspension 22.5
Axle Load Max5,800 kgf
Typical Vehicle Length8 to 10 m
Tire Size Max275/70 R22.5″
Wheel Cut55°/45°
Wheel Travel± 90 mm
Axle Weight469 kg
IFS TJC 80-225


Independent Suspension 22.5
Axle Load Max8,000 kgf
Typical Vehicle Length10 to 18 m
Tire Size Max275/70 R22.5″
Wheel Cut55°/49°
Wheel Travel± 90 mm
Axle Weight460 kg
Wheel Size22.5″x9″
Bolt Circle 335 mm