Electric Transmissions

  • BRIST electric drive single and multi-speed transmissions are good fit for light and medium commercial vehicles.
  • Modular structure and optional features enable easy customization upon selected electric motor.
  • Multi-speed transmission offers shift-on-fly.
Typesingle speedmulti speed
Peak Input Torque340 Nm460 Nm
Permissible Maximum Input Speed11,400 rpm9,000 rpm
Gear Ratio18.47:1 or 12.39:122.31:1 & 12.86:1
Continuous Power75 kW115 kW
Peak Power125 kW200 kW
Transmission Weight45 kg95 kg
single speedSingle Speed Transmission
Peak Input Torque340 Nm
Permissible Max Speed11,400 rpm
Gear Ratio18.47:1 or 12.39:1
Continuous Power75 kW
Peak Power125 kW
Transmission Weight45 kg
multi speedSingle Speed Transmission
Peak Input Torque460 Nm
Permissible Max Speed9,000 rpm
Gear Ratio22.31:1 & 12.86:1
Continuous Power115 kW
Peak Power200 kW
Transmission Weight95 kg