Drivelines to Enable Vehicle Innovation

Influenced by the rise of alternative fuels, first time in the history, automotive industry is passing through a sharp transition period. Transition from petrol to alternative fuels is disrupting the market, while bus and trucks are being the most rapidly influenced segment.

The “new” market has “new” competition dynamics: i) New type of players (e.g. Tesla, Nikola, Arrival) arise in competition acting more as disruptive technology companies. ii) Taking the scale advantage of EV volumes in domestic market, Chinese vehicle manufacturers (e.g. BYD) increases their presence in the Western markets.

To stay competitive in this “new” market, vehicle manufacturers require innovative engineering approaches, which has never been easy with traditional off-the-shelf axles.

Axle business has been dominated by only few global incumbents and vehicle manufacturers have always been pushed to build their vehicles with standard off-the-shelf products, without any customization option.

Originated through VOITH Turbo, BRIST Axle Systems S.r.l. is set to change this phenomenon! 

Instead of a traditional “production” company, BRIST is an engineering-oriented “Product” company having ~35% of all its employees being engineers. 

Agile innovation capability is BRIST’s key value, which differentiates the Company against slow-moving traditional industry incumbents, while enabling vehicle innovation for its customers. 

With its bus focus, aggressive market penetration and high customer satisfaction, over the last years BRIST has become well-trusted solution partner of many reputable OEMs and tech companies across the globe.

VOITH Turbo Origin of BRIST

Motivated for Better Environment

BRIST is motivated to serve building a sustainable world, while investing on people and environment