Independent Suspension vs. Rigid Axle

Independent Suspension vs. Rigid Axle

Which one is better? Independent or Rigid?

The commercial vehicle industry is clearly switching from rigid axle to independent suspension. Main drivers behind this trend have been more flexibility to innovate, seek for higher comfort and shift to alternative fuels. However, despite the strong rise of independent axles, there are still some doubts on which type to select: Independent or Rigid?

It is quite clear that in terms of technology and performance, independent suspensions are outperforming the rigid ones. Anyway, for best-fit selection various criteria should be taken into account. Below, you can find a high-level comparison from both technical and commercial perspective.

Independent Suspension

Rigid Axle
Comfort & DynamicTop level performanceStandard level performance
Width FlexibilityCustomizable vehicle widthNo customization flexibility
Turning FlexibilityCustomizable in design phaseNo customization flexibility
Fit to Alternative Fuels VehiclesHigher fit for pure alternative fuel mindset vehicle designLower fit for pure alternative fuel mindset vehicle design
Tender StrategyMight be strategic to meet the tender requirementsMissing tenders having independent suspension requirements
Unit CostReasonable level of unit costLower cost solution, especially if used with leaf springs

Get the best fit axle with BRIST

Customer contact of BRIST Axle always starts via understanding technical requirements and needs. In the first stage, customers are asked to fill the application form, where they specify key technical specs of their vehicle to be built.

After analyzing the need and several discussion between engineering teams, the best-fit BRIST axles are offered, as well as some customizated solutions if needed. Having a broad and innovative axles portolio, BRIST independent and rigid axles are running across the globe through leading vehicle manucaturers. (e.g. BYD, Arrival, CRRC, Bluebus, Isuzu, Karsan, Otokar, BMC, GrandeWest and many more)

Axles construct the basis of the vehicle and hence, axle selection plays a vital role in market success of the vehicle.

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