Independent Drive Axle for Electric VERO

CASE Study #1

Independent Front Suspension and Independent Drive Axle
for Electric VERO Bus in Modular Concept


The case analyzes BRIST contribution for electric VERO Bus. Scope of supply included both front and rear axles. In front, TAM used our off-the-shelf independent front suspension. However, in rear they requested a new development: An independent drive axle, which is also steerable.

TAM-Europe is a Slovenian manufacturer of innovative buses. VERO Bus was a solid example of their vision, which is described as “the vehicle of the future”.

Design Challenges

The project had couple of challenges.

First challenge was tough technical requirements. Requirements of projects were quite challenging, because TAM was expecting best performance in all metrics in the same time. They requested a tight packaging volume, high load capacity, as well as a very low turning radius.

Second challenge was the risk of a new product development. TAM demanded development of an brand new concept: An independent -and also steerable- drive axle. Considering the scarcity of independent drive axles in global market, development always constituted a risk for Engineering. It was a risk, because scarcity means less global know-how for Engineering.

Our Solution

Despite of challenges, BRIST Engineering achieved a good success in this project. By adding the steering function to rear, the Team achieved to fit axles in a tight envelop.

Furthermore, Engineering Team integrated hydraulic suspensions on its axles. The reason behind was simple: Compared to traditional ones, hydraulic suspensions were providing less wheel travel.

In addition, the minimized wheel-arch area also enabled larger space for ancillaries.

Our Added Value to TAM Europe

We provided TAM Europe an universal platform with a unique axle system. The system was not only unique, but also capable to carry up to 14t GVW at various layouts. This enabled TAM to develop a modular bus structure. Hence, BRIST provided a good opportunity for them to differentiate in market.

Furthermore, TAM achieved to get an innovative, unique axles in a defect-free way. So far, the vehicle has not raised any complaint or quality issues in axles.

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Independent and Drive Axles for Electric VERO Bus