BRIST: Your Trusted Driveline Partner

The shift to e-mobility is not just a matter of changing a powertrain with another, but gives room to new possibilities in terms of layout, balancing, structure of the vehicles.

Located in Brescia (Italy), operating in its 10,000 sqm facility, BRIST is a full-system supplier of axles and transmission for vans, trucks and buses.
On top of its field experience generated through its products running over 15 years in field with various combustion engine vehicles, BRIST is a widely preferred solution partner of many global e-mobility projects in e-van, e-bus and BRT segment.

While the origin of the company is based on VOITH Turbo, the establishment was in 2004.
After 10 years of operation under VOITH umbrella, in 2014, all the shares were acquired from VOITH through management buy-out and the Company name was changed to BRIST. Team and facilities were kept, while achieving a significant growth in all senses since then.

Today, BRIST has become a globally recognized solution partner with customers in the UK, France, Netherlands, China, Turkey, USA, Canada and CIS countries, while BRIST products have achieved +10 billion km track record in field.

Instead of a traditional “production” company, BRIST is an engineering-oriented “Product” company having ~35% of all its employees being engineers. Agile innovation capability is BRIST’s key value, which differentiates the Company against slow-moving traditional industry incumbents, while enabling vehicle innovation for its customers. 

Heritage of VOITH

Focus on Quality, People and Environment

BRIST is motivated to serve building a sustainable world, while heavily investing on mobility solutions to support transition to alternative fuels.

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Flexible Operating Model

Operating model is flexible to adapt different volume, while enabling being "local" anywhere in the world.