BRIST: Your Agile Driveline Partner

Advanced engineering knowhow and agility of BRIST enables vehicle manufacturers launching better vehicles in a shorter time

20+ Years Field Experience

BRIST products have been travelling since early 2000's with 150+ models ICE bus & truck and since 2011 with 50+ models in electric bus & truck.

+10 billion km Track Record

BRIST axles and transmissions have been travelling across the globe over 20 years, while exceeding +10 billion kilometers track record
Global Presence of BRIST

Flexible Production through Lean Micro Assembly Cells

BRIST lean micro assembly cells offer flexible production capabilities and easy access to locatization in required regions.

State-of-Art Engineering

Collaborating with BRIST enables achieving the optimum vehicle layout free from the traditional contraints of driveline.

Collaboration to Win

Ready to develop an innovative vehicle? Reach us and initiate a winning collaboration