Axles & Transmission for the Future of Bus & Truck

Innovative driveline components of BRIST enable vehicle manufacturers to develop market-changing vehicles

15+ Years Field Experience

BRIST axles and transmissions have been travelling with numerous bus and truck including various types of diesel, CNG or electric engine.
Selected Vehicles with BRIST

Selected Vehicles with BRIST

State-of-Art Engineering

Case studies of selected BRIST applications illustrate engineering capabilities of in-house R&D team

+10 billion km Track Record

BRIST axles and transmissions have been travelling across the globe over 20 years, while exceeding +10 billion kilometers track record
Global Presence of BRIST

End-to-End Product Responsibility

BRIST is not only an “engineering service” or “production” company – Instead, BRIST is a “PRODUCT” company taking e2e product ownership

Collaboration to Win

Ready to develop an innovative vehicle? Reach us and initiate a winning collaboration