BRIST electric axle

Innovation in an Agile Approach

Special axle solutions of BRIST enable vehicle manufacturers to develop market-changing vehicles

Deep Expertise in Bus & Coach

BRIST serves to a variety of vehicles including buses, coaches, light / medium trucks and electric vehicles
Selected Vehicles with BRIST

Selected Vehicles with BRIST

State-of-Art Engineering

Case studies of selected BRIST applications illustrate engineering capabilities of in-house R&D team

Global Presence

Footprint of BRIST travels around the globe through the vehicles of its valuable customers
Global Presence of BRIST

End-to-End Product Responsibility

BRIST is not only an “engineering service” or “production” company – Instead, BRIST is a “PRODUCT” company taking e2e product ownership

Collaboration to Win

Ready to develop an innovative vehicle? Reach us and initiate a winning collaboration