Engineering both deep drop rigid front suspension and Z drive axle including angle drive to let our customers’ first low floor midibus design while having a transversal implemented engine

Engineering both deep drop rigid front suspension and Z drive axle in ISUZU’s first low floor midibus design


ANADOLU ISUZU is one of the leading medium-sized bus and coach manufacturing companies in Europe whose major shareholders are the Anadolu Group from Turkey, and Isuzu Motors Limited and Itochu Corporation from Japan. The company is the first Japanese joint venture in Turkish automotive industry.

Its main fields of operation are the production and distribution of light duty trucks, midibuses and buses whose export activities cover 26 countries in three continents with majority of these markets are subject to the European Union regulations.


– RDD 45-175 “RFS (Rigid Front Suspension)

– Deep Drop RigidRDA 65-175/A35 RDA (Rear Drive Axle)

– Z Drive including (35degree) Angle Drive Unit


The main challenge was to engineer a complete solution with the extraordinary limited timeframe.

A complete solution designed only in 2 months that enables lowest floor level while increasing the torque level by %12 to similar products average.

Our Engineering Solution

Lowered bevel gear coefficient, lowered noise level, increased torque level and cooling performance and serviceability were some of the key features that we provided to Isuzu.

With its unique input angle (35 degree); BRIST Rear Drive Axle enabled Isuzu to shorten rear overhang.