Tight packaging and severe weight challanges of KARSAN

Tight packaging and severe weight challange of KARSAN



KARSAN – A Turkish commercial vehicle producer that has been producing vehicles both for its own brand and contract-building vehicles for world’s leading brands


IFS TJ41-175 front suspension kit along with the steering system


Tight packaging and severe weight challenges


Our Engineering Solution

BRIST managed the challenge of KARSAN by fitting the systems in the tight volume allocated and conceptualizing an ultra-light suspension without compromising on the vehicle’s turning diameter.

Long wheel articulation r at maximum possible steering angle that gives the bus best performance in turning radius, better ride and handling and excellent suspension comfort at drive were amongst the other challenges met.

The program was performed in corporation with their engineering subsidiary- Hexagon Studio who were leading the 8m-bus development programme on behalf of KARSAN.


Our Value Add to Customer

In 2014, soon after passing through serious bench tests done in-house at BRIST test centre Italy and completion of numbers of field tests, durability tests at a well-known proven ground, this product was launched -as of now the vehicle is in operation in the market with a high demand from the users and bus operators as well as many cities’ municipalities.

It should be noted that IFS TJ41-175 independent front suspension in 17,5” rim size (Validated at a max FAW of 4.25 tonnes) is the latest and lightest product offered in the market.

Now, KARSAN 8m buses are on the road with our BRIST independent suspension tuned up for better ride and suspension comfort which provides performance and comfortable trip to the passengers in tourism, shuttle, city and inter-city transportation.