Engineering a rear axle in unique configuration of the customer, intends to be fitting into a common platform of a bus family with various engine options in tight packaging challenges of BMC

Engineering a rear axle in unique configuration for a bus family with various engine options


BMC is one of the leading automotive companies based in Turkey, providing solutions in both defence and transportation industries.

Their multinational company structure originated by a Turkish-Qatari partnership, BMC has been manufacturing various kinds of vehicles special to the needs of the customers in domestic and international markets.


IFS TJC 55-195 “New Generation” Front Suspension kit as fully dressed with the steering system and BRA 104-195 DC/ A75 Inverted Portal Rear Axle with unique air suspension kit


The main challenge was to engineer a rear axle in unique configuration would enable BMC to utilize 3 engine options (4 cyl. diesel, 6 cyl. diesel and CNG) on a common Low Floor bus platform. Also integration of BRIST new independent axle into the same platform in front was a part of challenge.

Our Engineering Solution

Maximized corridor width provided with new radial positioned air brakes, optimized axle weight and enlarged ground clearance supplied with newly developed main beam are the key design outputs of inverted rear portal axle, has been engineered at lowest silhouette possible for BMC unique enquiry.

With its unique input angle (75 degree); the rear portal axle does not only enable BMC to fit in the tight volume allocated at the rear compartment, but also optimises the layout for 3 different engine choices.

Our Value Add to Customer

Up to recent years, all mid-size (up to 10,5m length) Low Floor buses were designed by cutting-off the full length (12m) original version partially from the wheelbase and the rear overhang. As a consequence, shorter version stays with 22,5” rim size as carry over, that is absolutely oversize for the application in terms of load, cost and efficiency

Now BMC- with its unique configuration developed by BRIST, is ready for private bus operators, municipalities and individuals with 8,5m to 10m LF buses as long as for tourism, shuttle, city and inter-city transportation