About Us

With its VOITH TURBO origin, BRIST Axle Systems Srl is located in Montichiari (BS) Italy and considered as one of the leading axle manufacturers of Europe for front and rear axle & suspension systems by providing total solutions as Full System Supplier (FSS) in various configurations for buses/coaches and light/medium trucks.

Thanks to its broad field expertise, BRIST provides well engineered tailor-made solutions for the bus manufacturers without considering their size of operation, at the highest level of integrity in order BRIST Axle enlarges not only its rear axle range (ie; 35 degree input angle Z drive axle, 90 degree input angle drive axle and inverted portal axle are the new members of the rear axle family to be in mass production 2017 Q2), but also takes part in most electric bus&truck programs with innovative e-drive axle solutions.

Our vision is to engineer smart axle&complete driveline solutions to meet future needs of our customers, and to support them on making their vehicles uniquely differentiated from the others in the market.

The Company History

  • 2005
    Constitution of VOITH Turbo Drive Systems B.V in Twello / Netherlands
  • 2007
    Introduction of Rigid Axle RF41-175, developed for midi-buses.
  • 2008
    The Company moved to Italy and is registered as VOITH Turbo Drive Systems Srl.
  • 2008
    Introduction of standard Independent Front Suspension IFS81-225, developed for city-buses & coaches.
  • 2009
    Introduction of mid-sized Independent Front Suspension IFS50-195, developed for city-buses.
  • 2010
    Introduction of Special Purpose Suspension, developed for Off-Highway vehicles.
  • 2011
    Introduction of Rigid Front Axle RF41-175, developed for light trucks.
  • 2012
    Introduction of small-size Independent Front Suspension IFS41-175, developed for 8m city-buses & intercoaches.
  • 2013
    Introduction of Rigid Front Axle RF55-195, developed for medium range trucks.
  • 2014
    49% of the Company stakes are sold to Remzi Oduncu and Ahmet Hacıyunus as MBO, and the Company name is changed to VOITH Turbo BRIST Axle Systems Srl.
  • 2015
    Remaining 51% the Company stakes are sold to minor shareholders, and the Company name has changed to BRIST Axle Systems Srl. (Voith Turbo name has dropped-off form the Company title)
  • 2015
    Introduction of Independent Rear Suspension IRS105-225, developed for electric & hybrid applications.
  • 2016
    Introduction of Single Speed Transmission STT 340-185 for electric mini-buses.
  • 2017
    Introduction of new version of Independent Rear Suspension with planetary gear at hub (Dual Reduction) IRS 105-225 HR for airport bus applications.
  • 2017
    Introduction of New Generation Independent Front Suspension at 2 rim sizes - IFS TJ 55-195 H and IFS 81-225 H.
  • 2017
    Introduction of Inverted Portal Axle BRA 105-195 DC /A75 at 19,5” rim size for mid-size LF buses and intercoaches.
  • 2017
    Introduction of Z-Drive Rear Axle RDA 65-A35 at 35 degree input angle in 2 different “offset” variants, together with its couple Angle Drive Unit- ADU 65-A35 for buses with engine in transversal layout.
  • 2017
    Introduction of Rigid Deep Drop Front Axle RFS 45-175 DD, in 2 different “Drop Value” for mid-size LE bus applications.
  • 2017
    Introduction of Rear Drive Axle RDA 60-175-A90 for mid-size LE bus applications
  • 2017
    Introduction of new version of Single Speed Transmission at new gear ratio (!2.5) with “disengagement” feature- SST 340-125 D for electric mini-buses.