With its VOITH TURBO origin, BRIST Axle Systems S.R.L. is considered as one of the leading axle manufacturers of Europe for front and rear axle & suspension systems. BRIST provides complete solutions as a Full System Supplier (FSS) in various configurations for buses, coaches and light/ medium trucks.

Thanks to its broad field expertise, BRIST provides tailor-made solutions for the bus manufacturers without considering their size of operation. Well-known business partners from 3 continents (North America, Asia and Europe) prove the high customer satisfaction achieved through needs-based approach followed.

BRIST’s vision is to become the primary business partner of bus manufacturers through delivering smart solutions to tackle future needs. Accordingly, BRIST has heavily invested on e-drive axle solutions and since 2015, plenty of electric bus & truck programs are delivered successfully.


  • 2017
    Introduction of the new version of Single Speed Transmission at new gear ratio (12.5) with “disengagement” feature SST 340-125 D for electric mini-buses

    Introduction of Rear Drive Axle RDA 60-175-A90 for mid-size LE bus applications

    Introduction of Rigid Deep Drop Front Axle RDD 45-175, in 2 different “Drop Value” for mid-size LE bus applications

    Introduction of Z-Drive Rear Axle RDA 65-A35 at 35 degree input angle in 2 different “offset” variants, together with its couple Angle Drive Unit- ADU 65-A35 for buses with engine in transversal layout

    Introduction of Inverted Portal Axle BRA 104-195 DC /A75 at 19,5” rim size for mid-size LF buses and intercoaches

    Introduction of New Generation Independent Front Suspension at 2 rim sizes - IFS TJC 55-195 and IFS TJC 80-225

    Introduction of the new version of Independent Rear Suspension with planetary gear at hub (Dual Reduction) IDS TJ 105-225 HR for airport bus applications
  • 2016
    Introduction of Single Speed Transmission STT 340-185 for electric mini-buses
  • 2015
    Introduction of Independent Rear Suspension IDS TJ 105-225, developed for electric & hybrid applications

    Remaining 51% the Company stakes are sold to minor shareholders, and the Company name has changed to BRIST Axle Systems S.R.L. (VOITH Turbo name has dropped-off form the Company title)
  • 2014
    49% of the Company stakes are sold to Mr. Remzi Oduncu and Mr. Ahmet Hacıyunus as MBO, and the Company name is changed to VOITH Turbo BRIST Axle Systems S.R.L.
  • 2013
    Introduction of Rigid Front Axle RFS 55-195, developed for medium range trucks
  • 2012
    Introduction of small-size Independent Front Suspension IFS41-175, developed for 8m city-buses & intercoaches
  • 2011
    Introduction of Rigid Front Axle RFS 41-175, developed for light trucks
  • 2009
    Introduction of mid-sized Independent Front Suspension IFS TJ 50-195, developed for city-buses
  • 2008
    The Company moved to Italy and is registered as VOITH Turbo Drive Systems S.R.L.
  • 2007
    Introduction of Rigid Axle RFS 41-175, developed for midi-buses
  • 2005
    Constitution of VOITH Turbo Drive Systems B.V in Twello / Netherlands