With its VOITH TURBO origin, BRIST Axle Systems S.r.l. (LLC) is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of Europe for front and rear axle & suspension systems.

Located in Montichiari (Italy), BRIST provides complete solutions as a Full System Supplier (FSS) in various configurations for buses, coaches and light / medium trucks. The Company manages the end-to-end product development process starting from product design, project management, procurement, production, test / validation and after sales.

BRIST’s vision is to become the primary solution partner of vehicle manufacturers through providing them the opportunity to differentiate in the competition. Working with BRIST enables vehicle manufacturers to obtain an exclusive tailor-made system solution, which is developed by best-in-class engineering and industrialization teams.

Thanks to its well-known business partners, BRIST products have been travelling in different regions of 3 continents (North America, Asia and Europe) and the high customer satisfaction level achieved so far, is the result of the Company’s customer-centric approach implemented successfully.