A complete suspension system for 6x6 and 8x8 platforms

A complete suspension system for 6×6 and 8×8 platforms


OTOKAR – A Koc Group Company with ~750 mn USD annual revenue, manufacturing buses for public transportation, semi-trailers for transportation and logistics industry and tactical wheeled vehicles for the defence industry.

Otokar is operating with over 2000 employees at the factory built on a land of 552,000 m2 in Sakarya – Turkey.


A complete suspension system for their new 6×6 and 8×8 platforms


Time pressure of new vehicle launch

Our Engineering Solution

We engineered the suspension system and successfully made the first prototype sample in 4 months by solid machining for conceptual approval, and then it was followed by pilot production samples with fast prototyping.

First delivery of Off Tools axles was achieved in 9 months.

The program was to develop a suspension system based on double wishbones, knuckle and steering system that were the key elements built up their armoured hull. Fulfilling high wheel articulation, wider steering angles and accumulating hydro-pneumatic dampers into the system combined with required roll and pitch angles were the main drivers of the program.

Our Value Add to Customer

As validated and approved in numbers of bench test cycles in-house at BRIST test centre, BRIST was ready to initiate mass production deliveries. Meanwhile, OTOKAR had conducted serious field tests in most difficult terrain and climatic conditions.